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VAs for Gyms Podcast

Time is an asset that you can never get back. Hiring, training, and leveraging the right VA (Virtual Assistants) is one way to buy yourself time. This podcast is all about leveraging VAs in the micro gym business. 


Episode #16: How To Grow To Multiple Locations
Show Details33min 47s
Episode #15: Dave Bess and Scott Carpenter - PT Legends
Show Details40min 12s
Episode #14: Matt Chenard
Show Details27min 30s
Episode #13: Nick Bock.
Show Details29min 51s
Episode #12- Rockstar Coaching with Andrew Frezza
Show Details32min 34s
Episode #11 - It's About the Time with Taryn Dubreuil.
Show Details16min 22s
Episode #10 - The Power of Content with David Allen.
Show Details46min 36s
Episode #9 - No Risk with Judah Boulet
Show Details26min 32s
Episode #8 - Stuff Got Done with Nick Habich
Show Details21min 14s
Episode #7 PushPress and VAs For Gyms with Eric LeClair
Show Details26min 18s
Episode #6- Stuff Got Done with Shannon Logan
Show Details30min 1s
Episode #5- You started a podcast, now what?
Show Details7min 36s
Episode #4- Get it Out of your Head
Show Details5min 8s
Episode #3 Learn, Adapt and Execute
Show Details8min 15s
Episode #2 The SM Content Dilemma
Show Details17min 37s
Episode #1 Getting Started with your first VA
Show Details19min 14s