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Girl, Get Your Voice Back Podcast

The Girl, Get Your Voice Back Podcast is all about Helping Women to Overcome Condemnation and Silent Shame by Standing on the Promises of God & Coupling Faith with Action! The host, Ebony D. James, aims to amplify women's voices and help them to walk into their God-given mandate, fearlessly and strategically.


Episode 16: Arise & Speak | The Unveiling Women's Lifegroup Edition
Show Details2hr 10min
Episode 15: The Spirit of Intimidation
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 14: The Bare Minimum Is Not Enough
Show Details53min 42s
Episode 13: Preparation Shows Expectation
Show Details27min 28s
Episode 12: 14 Keys to Trusting in God
Show Details57min 36s
Episode 11: Cultivating a Biblical Mindset
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 10: Unmuzzle Me: The Hidden Truth About Confession
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 9: Standing on the Promises of God
Show Details38min 19s
Episode 8: Keys to Getting Your Fight Back: What's in Your Cup
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 7: Suppressing TRUTH for Acceptance
Show Details32min 41s
Episode 6: Fear, I Resist You!
Show Details53min 40s
Episode 5: Resisting the Urge to Shrink
Show Details46min 54s
Episode 4: Write The Vision, Then Let It Go
Show Details59min 47s
Episode 3: The Sin of Silence
Show Details34min 31s
Episode 2: Overcoming Intimidation in Order to Get Your Voice Back
Show Details43min 44s
Episode 1: Testimony Time
Show Details29min 39s
Fear is a Liar! Calling Forth the Boldness Within You!
Show Details3min 56s
Podcast Announcement
Show Details1min 21s