From Blockbuster to Disney+: Ritual and Ownership || Factually, maybe

15m | Aug 30, 2019

a meditation on the state of streaming, the entertainment industry, and how Disney+ brings with it the APOCALYPSE.


(1:41) I. The State of Streaming (1:41)

(5:21) II. The End of Ownership

(7:21) II.b. The Great Content Gold Rush

(10:43) III. an ode to rituals

III.b. Be Kind, Rewind -- written, edited and scored: owl. guest performance: liv quintoro ~~~Like if you Like, Share if you Care, and Subscribe if you'd like to see more of us in the future ~~~ somewhere between spoken word, informed opinion and unhinged rambling, this is [factually, maybe.] visit our website for full video transcripts featuring additional deleted content:

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Factually, Maybe by laMovida