Ep.160 Divided We Fall, United We Stand | Becoming One Great People

54m | Feb 12, 2024

The perfect way to take down a great body of people, or a nation, or a world, is to get them fighting amongst themselves over trivial, or maybe not so trivial things, that are getting amplified and thrown out as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” So what’s the bigger picture?

We see governments being protested across the world - in Germany, Italy, France, and Canada. If these governments are really standing for the people they are designed to serve, then why is there such political unrest with governments worldwide?

It seems like there is an agenda to take everything away from us, to destroy our social structures, divide us in our homes, and separate us from our neighbor simply because we don’t think the same way. Yet it’s our diversity of thinking and belief and being able to communicate our differences with respect that will allow us to function as a healthy society. Just like in a cell, if all the different parts were only doing the same thing, the cell would not be able to function and carry out all of its roles.

Let’s learn how to change this whole projection of our society through open communication with understanding, respect, and gratitude. When we put aside our differences and come together as one people, we can achieve anything.

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