BONUS EPISODE: Hip-Hop Celebrating 50 Years-A Perspectiv

33m | Aug 15, 2023

B. Cox pays homage to hip-hop as it turns 50 years old. For much of the year, the recognized beginning of the genre, culture and societal phenomenon called hip-hop has been celebrated, lauded and congratulated worldwide for changing the world as we see it. He goes over a brief history of hip-hop's beginnings, the different periods we've experienced over 50 years and how the music, culture and trends have change with them.

He also goes over his favorite hip-hop album by decade with some honorable mentions and also outlines the most tragic losses and deaths that hip-hop has faced each decade.

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Show Notes

Yahoo: Hip-Hop Turns 50: How a musical genre became a cultural

Vanity Fair: Fifty Years of Hip-Hop In a World That Could Not Exist Without It

Economic Times: Hip-Hop Turns 50: From humble beginnings in the Bronx to global fame

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