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Winning To Wealth

The Winning To Wealth Podcast is dedicated to helping you manage your family's money with confidence. This weekly show hosted by Michael Lacy features interviews with regular, everyday people who have reached amazing money milestones such as debt freedom, early retirement, becoming successful entrepreneurs, and more. These interviews highlight the many different ways your family can start building wealth for the future.


How I Make $10k Per Month In 10 Hours Per Week
Show Details31min 38s
Our Road Trip Was Great...Until It Wasn't
Show Details24min 29s
A Short Talk About Privilege & Money
Show Details17min 50s
What Are Index Funds? And How Do They Work?
Show Details12min 11s
We Had A Money Fight...
Show Details17min 7s
I Really Let My Family Down With This Choice...
Show Details24min 3s
I'm consumer debt. And we left the FIRE Movement
Show Details24min 40s
Effective Ways To Teach Kids About Money
Show Details28min 45s
Debt Free or Die Trying | Marcus Garrett
Show Details42min 16s
How To Graduate College Completely Debt Free | Kara Walker
Show Details37min
Side Hustling Out Of $40,000 Worth Of Debt | Ashley from The Financial Key Podcast
Show Details45min 33s
Becoming A 1st Gen Millionaire by 31 | Steven Stack
Show Details46min
Building Wealth As A Woman of Color | Carmen Perez from Make Real Cents
Show Details56min 19s
Changing Your Money Mindset To Build Wealth | Annette from Scared To Savvy
Show Details44min 57s
050 | Creating A $60,000 Side Hustle After Being Laid Off | Jannese from Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast
Show Details37min 27s
049 | Navigating Major Life Changes While Building Wealth | Alanna from Financialdemics
Show Details44min 33s
048 | Get Your Spending Under Control With Cash Envelopes | Allison from Inspired Budget and This Is Awkward Podcast
Show Details37min 47s
047 | Paying Off $108k After Finding Your Why | Danielle Davis
Show Details42min 30s
046 | Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable Decisions | Ashley Brewster
Show Details39min 27s
The Last Money Talk Monday Episode
Show Details6min 31s
045 | The Importance Of Community On Your Journey | Kristy Epperson
Show Details33min 20s
Am I Ready To Buy My 1st House? #ListenerQuestion
Show Details14min 56s
044 | Mom Pays Off $84,000 Using New Budget System | Ashley Johnson
Show Details35min 35s
Stock Splits: What Are They And How Do They Impact You
Show Details4min 53s
043 | From $6,000 Bags To Super Investor | Jully- Investing Latina
Show Details43min 51s
How Stacking Cash Can Be A Form Of Self-Care
Show Details13min 22s
042 | How Negotiating Salary Can Help You Crush Your Money Goals | Domonique
Show Details43min 22s
Lost The $600 Unemployment Benefit? Here's What To Do Next.
Show Details15min 15s
041 | Paying Off $105,000 in 5 Short Years | Gina Zakaria
Show Details45min 2s
Money Talks Every Couple Must Have Before Marriage
Show Details14min 49s
040 | Overcoming Infertility And Infant Loss To Build Wealth | Jasmine Tillery
Show Details34min 56s
Becoming FB Marketplace Hustlers Over The Weekend
Show Details11min 26s
039 | Retiring Early to Travel the World | Stephanie & Gillian
Show Details45min 17s
Have Better Budget Meetings With Your Spouse
Show Details12min 10s
038 | Pausing Your Debt-Free Journey After Paying Off $70k | Alfred Wilson
Show Details41min 27s
A New Update On My Career
Show Details11min 40s
037 | Pursuing Slow FI While Paying Off Debt | Michelle Jackson
Show Details56min 30s
7 Money Moves That Helped Us Live On One Income
Show Details20min 23s
036 | The Entrepreneurial Path To Financial Independence | Joe DiSanto
Show Details51min 25s
How Becoming A Father Forever Changed Our Finances
Show Details11min 54s
035 | From Repo To Saving Half Your Income | Kelly Smith
Show Details40min 2s
Choosing Health Insurance After Being Laid Off
Show Details15min 56s
034 | How Eliminating $490,000 In Debt Brought This Family Closer Together | Sami Womack
Show Details43min 35s
Can Financial Independence Be A Form Of Activism?
Show Details15min 14s
033 | How To Become A Millionaire Before Turning 40| April Stewart
Show Details34min 51s
032 | Paying Off $200,000 While Raising 2 Kids | Kilton McCracken
Show Details33min 7s
7 Money Lessons Learned During 'Rona
Show Details14min 19s
031 |Saving For Kids College With CollegeBacker | Jeremy Feit
Show Details29min 13s
6 Proven Strategies You Can Use To Pay Off Debt
Show Details16min 43s
030 | Paying Off $135,000 While Still Enjoying Life | Holly
Show Details35min 24s
Peanut Butter, Jelly, and... Money?!?
Show Details12min 29s
029 | Thriving Financially After A Divorce | Virginia Weir
Show Details37min 42s
Balancing Saving For Tomorrow With Enjoying Today
Show Details14min 31s
028 | Becoming A Millionaire by Building And Selling Blogs | Marc Andre
Show Details40min 48s
What To Look For In An Online Bank
Show Details9min 33s
027 | Using AirBnB To Make More Money | The Young Retiree By 33
Show Details46min 12s
An Honest Money Talk With My Wife Taylor
Show Details21min 32s
026 | Using Your Natural Abilities To Make More Money | George Pitts
Show Details41min 1s
I've Been Furloughed....Now What?!?
Show Details11min 8s
025 | Making An Extra $1k/Month As A Part-Time Ebay Reseller | Jason Butler
Show Details35min 22s
What Is Winning To Wealth?
Show Details9min 39s
024 | Making $5k/Month As A Virtual Assistant| Fran Moore
Show Details31min 21s
My 5 Biggest Money Mistakes-And What I Learned From Them
Show Details18min 7s
023 | Combining Finances Helps Couple Pay Off $233,000 | Lauren Mochizuki
Show Details31min 48s
Before You Start Investing Follow These 7 Steps
Show Details10min 50s
022 | Money Tips For Tough Life Situations |Michael Lacy
Show Details19min 1s
The Pros And Cons Of Refinancing Your Mortgage
Show Details11min 56s
021 | Paying Off Your Student Loans In 1 Year | Kofi Gyebi
Show Details46min 57s
Overcome Financial Problems With These 7 Steps
Show Details13min 24s
020 | Can You Pay Off Debt On One Income? | Albert Daley
Show Details33min 23s
What I Do When The Stock Market Falls
Show Details9min 8s
019 | Going Back Into Debt After Becoming Debt-Free | Sonia Sears
Show Details44min 17s
How To Start Investing In Index Funds
Show Details11min 51s
018 | Building A $700k Net Worth By 26 | Jay Millennial
Show Details46min 55s
What Is Net Worth And How Do I Calculate Mine?
Show Details9min 57s
017.2 | Using Shared Goals To Win With Money & Fitness | Zay & Ellie Matlock
Show Details33min 30s
017.1 | Overcoming Financial Obstacles As A Couple | Zay and Ellie Matlock
Show Details39min 57s
8 Super Smart Ways You Can Spend Your Tax Refund Check
Show Details9min 22s
016 | Financial Unity Helps Couple Pay Off $229,000 | Murph & Mel Stewart
Show Details42min 15s
What I Learned About Money From Dave Chappelle
Show Details8min 34s
015 | House Hacking Your Way To Financial Independence | Andrew Kerr
Show Details38min 15s
What Is Financial Independence & How To Achieve It
Show Details15min 29s
014 | Starting A Successful Business After Debt Freedom | Kendall Berry
Show Details33min 34s
Keep Unexpected Expenses From Ruining Your Spending Plan With These Tips
Show Details9min 7s
013 | Teacher Charges Scooters And Makes Extra $30k | MJ Bridges
Show Details36min 52s
How My Family Of 3 Takes Vacations For Free
Show Details13min 6s
012 | How To Attack 6-Figures Worth Of Debt | Kyle Depiesse
Show Details38min 24s
How To Save Money By Negotiating Your Monthly Bills
Show Details8min 13s
011 | Pursuing F.I.R.E. After Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps | Corey Meyers
Show Details35min 29s
Focus On This To Win With Money In The New Year
Show Details7min 43s
010 | Using A No-Spend Year To Reach Your Money Goals | Ashley Ahmad
Show Details41min 6s
Listener Question: Do I Need To Save Before Paying Off My Car?
Show Details9min 37s
009 | Side Hustling To Pay Off A PhD | Dr Shana Green
Show Details37min 34s
How To Get On The Same Page With Your Spouse About Money
Show Details12min 25s
008 | Becoming A Best-Selling Author After Paying Off Debt | Rachael Hanible
Show Details29min 17s
How My Childhood Influenced My Finances
Show Details17min 3s
007 | Building Wealth While Raising Kids | Liz Carroll
Show Details35min 16s
006 | Moving Cross-Country To Reach Your Money Goals | Amanda Williams
Show Details37min 16s
005 | Paying Off $105,000 On One Income | Tancy Campbell
Show Details36min 44s
004 |Retiring At 38 To Pursue Your Passion | Travis Shelton
Show Details29min 30s
003|Paying Off $300,000 In Just 3 Years | Bernadette Joy
Show Details36min 4s
002 | Investing In Real Estate To Reach Financial Freedom | Felipe Mejia
Show Details33min 47s
001 | Couple Pays Off $106k In 21 Months | Madison & Sky
Show Details39min 7s