The Writerly Bites Podcast

The podcast that gives you quick tips to make your writing and your writing life better.


56: Write the Scene You've Been Avoiding
Show Details5min 8s
55: Interview with Thea Lim
Show Details12min 27s
54: Art is About Making Choices
Show Details6min 58s
53: Don't Neglect the Middle
Show Details5min 22s
52: One Hour is Just for Writing
Show Details5min 30s
51: Have You Earned That Ending?
Show Details5min 21s
50: All the Bad Advice I've Gotten
Show Details5min 57s
49: Creativity is Putting Two Things Together
Show Details4min 23s
48: Remember the Excitement
Show Details4min 48s
47: Draw from Another Story
Show Details5min 53s
46: Mix the Bitter and the Sweet
Show Details5min
45: Schedule Time for Nothing
Show Details4min 46s
44: Really?
Show Details5min 20s
43: Let Music Make the Mood
Show Details4min 47s
42: Find the Missing Ingredient
Show Details5min 4s
41: Cut the "As" Clause
Show Details5min 32s
40: Have the Courage to Try Again
Show Details6min 4s
39: Seek and Destroy Your Weakest Sentence
Show Details4min 46s
38: Build the Beats of Your Story
Show Details6min 15s
37: Respect Your Work and Organize It
Show Details5min 38s
36: Betray Someone
Show Details6min 4s
35: Interview with Arif Anwar
Show Details12min 7s
34: Scene-ify Your Story
Show Details5min 52s
33: Take a Step Closer to Your Character
Show Details5min 49s
32: Plagiarize Just a Little
Show Details5min 32s
31: Turn Off the Lights
Show Details5min 2s
30: Interview with Laura Hankin
Show Details6min 4s
29: Speak in a Different Voice
Show Details4min 35s
28: Let Go of What's Holding You Back
Show Details5min 42s
27: Just Play
Show Details5min 29s
26: Plant a Seed
Show Details4min 44s
25: Interview with Ann Y.K. Choi
Show Details7min 49s
24: Write by Hand
Show Details4min 45s
23: Don't Use the Verb "To Be"
Show Details6min 20s
22: Get to the Fireworks Factory
Show Details4min 9s
21: Find What's Fragile
Show Details5min 10s
20: Interview with Kirstin Allio
Show Details8min 56s
19: Use the ABDCE Method
Show Details6min 41s
18: Try a Roving Perspective
Show Details4min 31s
17: Self-Doubt Doesn't Create Anything
Show Details5min
16: Don't Punch Down
Show Details4min 9s
15: Interview with Iva, Vocalist, Songwriter, and Composer
Show Details7min 29s
14: Sketch Your Lean Layer
Show Details4min 9s
13: Give a Gift No One Wants
Show Details4min 59s
12: Find the Strangest Sentence
Show Details5min
11: Things Could Have Gone Another Way
Show Details6min 1s
10: Interview with Rachel Lyon
Show Details9min 58s
9: Make a Weekly Scene Goal
Show Details5min 52s
8: Sink into Detail
Show Details5min 50s