How to Sharpen a Carpenter's Pencil with a Sharpener or Knife?

3m | Dec 20, 2021

Carpenter pencils are unique drawing instruments that feature a specific barrel shape and an extremely hard and thick graphite core. The blunt lead may result in wrong markings and cause mistakes that can be quite costly. In this review, you will learn how to sharpen carpenter pencil and discover the best way of doing it correctly. It can be done with a knife or a regular sharpener. This process is explained step by step, while detailed instructions remind readers about safety precautions. 


0:20 Good Ways to Sharpen Carpenter’s Pencil

01:05 Proper Sharpening with Knife

02:40 How to Sharpen This Pencil Using Sharpener?

03:17 Don’t Forget About Safety

03:45 Summing Up

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