Easy Tips on How to Draw a Hood with Graphite Pencil

5m | Oct 27, 2021

This review will come in handy for beginning artists who are learning how to draw a hood that hides a face. The post features step-by-step instructions and helps create a realistic image. Discover secret shading and toning techniques to make the drawing look vivid and read about the required tools. The tutorial is easy to understand and repeat.


0:39 Necessary Tools for Hood Drawing

1:28 Contours of Face

2:00 Drawing Traits

2:21 Inner Lines of Hood

2:38 Outer Lines of Hood

2:57 Illustrating Details

3:14 Hood Toning

3:43 Shading Hidden Face

4:06 Face Toning

4:41 Add Shades in Neck Area

5:00 Sum Up

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