Simple Tips on How to to Use a Laminator Safely

7m | Nov 12, 2021

Actually, the post covers 2 topics: how to use a laminating machine that works with pouches and the way of using a roll laminator. The review contains detailed instructions and explains the best methods of managing the machine in its hot and cold modes. The maintenance of such-like appliances is simple even for non-professional users, so don’t be afraid to acquire a device and enjoy its functionality.


0:27 How to Use a Laminator with Pouches?

0:53 Step 1: Find Relevant Pouches

02:24 Step 2: Put Your Paper or Document Inside a Pouch

03:01 Step 3: Turn the Laminator On

03:43 Step 4: Place a Pouch into the Machine and Start Laminating

04:12 Step 5: Trim Laminated Paper

04:34 How to Use a Roll Laminating Machine?

05:01 Step 1: Check Heat Rollers

05:38 Step 2: Install Lamination Rolls

05:58 Step 3: Thread a Film and Close Gap Between Rollers

06:15 Step 4: Turn the Machine On and Laminate Needed Paper

06:53 Summing Up

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