Best Markers Color Palette - Copic Sketch 72 (Set A)

6m | Apr 21, 2021

Copic Sketch markers 72 Set A is a popular choice among artists. This pack of alcohol-based coloring tools from the Japanese brand Too Corporation comes with an incredible selection of colors and offers an unforgettable drawing experience. It allows users to get fantastic results using various shading and blending techniques. Every piece can be refilled, and this makes them everlasting media. Though they come with a slightly higher price tag than regular markers, they are worth every penny due to multiple outstanding characteristics. Read the post to know the details.


0:33 Main Thing About Copic Sketch Markers 72 Set A

1:12 Appearance and Design Features

2:33 Drawing Quality

3:39 Refill System of Markers

4:36 Pros and Cons

5:32 In Closing

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