How to Draw Realistic Wind Simply: Best Drawing Guide

7m | Aug 20, 2021

Do you like to draw pictures that depict nature? If you are a beginning artist, you may require some knowledge about how to draw wind and realistic autumn trees swaying by strong air masses. With this post, you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial and learn simple rules that can help you create a true-to-life image. As a bonus, the review explains what tools you need and what type of pencils should be used for each drawing stage.


0:45 Utensils That Are Really Needed

1:35 Step 1: Draw Ground Line

2:26 Step 2: Blown Trunk of Tree

3:14 Step 3: Add Branches

4:02 Step 4: Depicting Streams of Wind

4:46 Step 5: Illustrate Spinning Autumn Leaves

5:30 Step 6: Stones and Grass Drawing

6:08 Step 7: Shade Your Picture

6:52 Sum Up

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