High-Quality Colored Pencils: Top 13 Products

16m | Jan 21, 2022

Artists who prefer drawing with colored pencils will enjoy this post, which spots multiple sets of high-quality tools from the leading brands. Discover the best colored pencils that have got top ratings from consumers and feature multiple good reviews on art forums. In addition, you’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about these media that you can share with your friends. Entry-level artists will learn a couple of secrets of how to buy good sets and the ways of their correct use.


0:20 Faber-Castell Polychromos: Best for Artists

1:51 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils with Thick and Soft Cores

2:48 Crayola Colored Pencils Multi-Pack: Ideal for Classrooms

3:34 Faber-Castell Creative Studio Goldfaber

4:17 Best for Fashion Design: Prismacolor Premier

5:04 Castle Art Supplies: Cool for Coloring Books

6:04 Derwent Inktense: Good Watercolor Pencils

7:07 Prismacolor Premier Portrait Colored Pencils

7:57 Crayola Erasable: Recommended for Kids

8:47 Best Set for Blending: Derwent ColourSoft

10:05 Sargent Art Premium: Good for Illustrations

10:58 Marco Renoir Oil-Based: Best for Sketching

12:08 Best for Adult Beginners: Prang Pencils

12:53 FAQs

13:21 What to Consider When Buying Colored Pencils?

13:49 Can You Combine Colored and Watercolor Pencils?

14:09 What Lead in Colored Pencil Should You Choose: Soft or Hard?

14:25 How Many Colors in the Set Will You Need?

14:57 Can You Use Colored Pencils on Canvas?

15:12 Interesting Facts About Colored Pencils

16:00 Conclusion

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