10 Good Laminators from Fellowes

13m | Jun 24, 2021

Fellowes is a famous brand with a legacy, and its laminators have stood the test of time. The review comes with a list of the best machines packed with the functions frequently demanded by users who buy these appliances for home and office use. The models of the Fellowes laminators have been chosen taking into account the balance of their working speed, capacity, and price. In a separate section, you’ll discover how to use these devices correctly to ensure their longevity, which pouches are suitable, and what alarming beeping sounds mean.


0:37 Fellowes Jupiter 2 125

1:37 Fellowes Saturn 3i 125

2:32 Fellowes Neptune 3 125

3:28 Fellowes Callisto 95

4:21 Fellowes M5-95

5:09 Fellowes Voyager 125 

6:04 Fellowes Spectra 95

6:44 Fellowes Venus 2 125

7:28 Fellowes Cosmic 2 95

8:22 Fellowes Mars 95

9:16 Laminators Comparison: Fellowes Vs Scotch

9:43 FAQ

9:58 How to Use Fellowes Laminator Correctly?

11:00 What Brand Laminating Pouches Work in These Laminators?

11:45 Why Is My Fellowes Laminator Beeping?

12:17 Where to Buy Laminator by Fellowes?

12:44 Conclusion

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