Draw Horns of Different Animals (Simple Tutorial)

12m | Nov 12, 2021

If you are interested in drawing animals, you should learn how to draw horns. The step-by-step guide will help you in mastering this skill by explaining the ways to render ram, goat, and antelope horns on paper. The tutorial describes the process meticulously and reveals all technical details, starting from basic shaping, contouring, texturing, and subsequent contrasting and shading of the elements.


0:56 Essential Supplies for Drawing

01:29 How to Draw Ram Horns?

01:48 Step 1: Draw Basic Shape

02:08 Step 2: Add Core Elements of Horns

02:41 Step 3: Contours of Horns

03:38 Step 4: Don’t Forget About Details

04:20 Step 5: Draw Texture Patterns

04:52 Step 6: Hatching and Contrasting

05:59 How to Draw Goat Horns?

06:18 Step 1: Draw Base Lines of Horns

06:47 Step 2: Outline Horns

07:30 Step 3: Illustrate Right Pattern

08:04 Step 4: Hatches and Contrast

09:05 How to Draw Antelope Horns?

09:20 Step 1: Draw Main Lines of Picture

09:51 Step 2: Lower Part of Spiral Horns

10:10 Step 3: Middle Part

10:24 Step 4: Upper Part of Antelope Horns

10:39 Step 5: Draw Relevant Pattern

11:04 Step 6: Add Hatches and Contrast

12:13 In Closing

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