Top Rated Pencil Erasers Brands - Cool Review

20m | Aug 20, 2021

This post will be helpful for artists who are still searching for a good erasing tool. You can find here detailed reviews about the first-class erasers from top stationery brands. You’ll discover really cool items designed especially for kids and those that can remove colored drawings. Aside from practical information, the article contains a useful guide, which helps choose the best pencil eraser, and entertaining facts about one of the most demanded art supplies in the world.


0:18 Best for Graphite Pencil: STAEDTLER Mars

2:23 Sargent Art: Best Rubber Eraser

3:21 Pentel Hi-Polymer: High-Quality Eraser

4:42 Paper Mate Arrowhead: Cool for Kids

5:45 Paper Mate White Pearl: Great for School

6:57 Tombow MONO Zero: Good for Sketching

8:10 Faber-Castell Eraser Pencil: Best for Drawing

9:21 Pentel Clic Eraser: Best for Artists

20:23 Tombow MONO Sand: Best for Colored Lead

11:23 Prismacolor Premier: Best Kneaded Eraser

12:22 Guide

14:23 FAQs

14:43 What Is Eraser?

15:02 How Does a Pencil Eraser Work?

15:16 What Are Pencil Erasers Made of?

16:04 How to Use Eraser Correctly?

16:55 Why Do Pencil Erasers Get Hard?

17:11 Cool Facts About Pencil Erasers

17:45 How Eraser Was Invented?

18:04 What Was Used Before Erasers?

18:22 Difference Between Eraser and Rubber

18:58 Are Pencils with Erasers Popular in the USA

19:13 Recycling of Erasers

19:38 Best Way to Erase Colored Pencil

20:00 Conclusion

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