Powering an E-commerce Giant with Flutter: MediaMarketSaturn' Rewrite Journey

43m | Nov 16, 2023

Andreas Partenhauser from MediaMarktSaturn discusses MMS' transition to Flutter in late 2019. He covers their prior native development, current tech stack including Flutter usage, and the apps they manage. Andreas shares details on MMS' Flutter team size and hiring, involvement in meetups, and the company's future plans. Insights are provided on Flutter for web and how to apply for roles at MMS. As one of the largest retailers leveraging Flutter at scale, this podcast provides lessons from one of Flutter's most extensive real-world implementations.


00:00 - Meet Andreas Partenhauser, an Engineering Delivery Lead at MediaMarktSaturn

02:34 - Talking about the Native Development in MMS prior to Flutter and their transition to using Flutter

08:04 - Teck stack at MMS: discussing Flutter usage, Native and Web

14:01 - discussing the apps MMS manages

21:53 - how big is the Flutter team at MMS, developers in the MMS team, hiring Flutter developers

29:44 - MMS involvement in Flutter meet-ups, chatting about the recent Flutter meet-up in Berlin, more about MMS as a company, MMS’ future plans

40:23 - Flutter for Web

42:24 - How to apply for Flutter developer roles at MMS?

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