Ep. 7 Michael Denning

1h 44m | Nov 22, 2020

On todays Service, Michael talks about his life leading up to prison and his experience on the inside. He grew up in the same neck of the woods as I did and got involved in drugs and crime ultimately leading him behind bars. His testimony is one of a man trying to turn his life around for the better and spread the word on how to stay out of the prison system. He spoke about all the things that have kept him out, and away from bad habits, and bad people. This awesome gentleman speaks the truth of how things are on the inside and what life is like in the most raw way possible. Michael has goals to get involved with inmates exiting the prison system and on to the right path like himself. If you or anybody you may know are interested in seeking help with similar things you can connect with him on his Facebook at (5) Michael Denning | Facebook. If you're interested is watching Michaels growing Twitch TV hit this link and help support this awesome guy! frostyfffng - Twitch

My good buddy Sean Miller is the master mind behind all the album art for the show. You can connect with him through his Instagram page @post_productsean!

If you're interested in donating or getting involved with a good cause that helps foster children and the homeless check out my good friend Kelly Brandon's Charity

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