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Space exploration is lawless, dirty, and inconvenient, but that doesn't stop Rho from seeking to recover lost memories and find her place in a universe that seems hell-bent on destroying her. SPECTRE is a swashbuckling space opera about the dangers of technology and the loss of humanity as a result of its use.

New episodes bi-weekly!


1.09 \\ Goo
Show Details27min 40s
1.08 \\ Pressure Wave
Show Details19min 59s
1.07 \\ Community Isolation
Show Details26min 21s
1.06 \\ Sobering
Show Details28min 37s
1.05 \\ First Day Nerves
Show Details26min 11s
1.04 \\ Claws the Size of My Arm
Show Details27min 19s
1.03 \\ A Way In
Show Details29min 33s
1.02 \\ Stowed
Show Details27min 53s
1.01 \\ A Way Out
Show Details19min 9s
0.02 \\ SPECTRE Full Trailer
Show Details2min 5s
0.01 \\ SPECTRE Teaser Trailer
Show Details1min 23s
SPECTRE Theme Song
Show Details1min 30s