The Power of Tiny Changes in Atomic Habits in Your Wildlife Career

Episode 93
36m | Mar 24, 2023

As a wildlife professional, I understand the struggles that many professionals in this field face when trying to secure a job. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the larger goals and overlook the smaller, yet crucial, steps needed to succeed. Pursuing a wildlife career can be a challenging endeavor that demands significant effort and perseverance.

Perhaps you’re currently wondering what the secret ingredient is to achieving a thriving career in wildlife. I myself have pondered the same thing in the past. 

There is no one secret – through my own experiences, I’ve come to realize that success begins from within and at your identity level. It’s about making small, consistent changes to your behavior driven from your identity that will eventually lead to significant improvements over time. Of course, this applies to pursuing your dream job in wildlife.

In this podcast episode, I talk about a book that exemplifies this: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear, and how it can help aspiring wildlife professionals and scientists let go of large, sudden changes and instead embrace small incremental shifts to secure their dream job and pursue their career goals. I share the Four Laws of Behavior Change from Atomic Habits and how they are the key to good habits.

This book is a very valuable resource for anyone looking to make positive changes in their career. At first, I thought this was just another habit book, but I highly recommend this particular book as Clear presents a clear (no pun intended! haha) and an actionable framework for developing better habits backed by scientific research and real-life examples.

I personally explored how to apply these principles to specific areas in my life such as fitness, productivity, relationships, and landing a wildlife professional career. Moreover, I share how Atomic Habits can help each of you break the process down into manageable steps and create a more positive and rewarding experience. By focusing on small, consistent improvements, you can build lasting habits that lead to success in finding the right wildlife job!

Specifically, I explained these frameworks for success:

  • The importance of understanding your values, interests, and strengths
  • How to make finding the right career path process more appealing
  • Establishing a routine that makes it easy to take action
  • Maintaining motivation and momentum throughout the career search process
  • And MORE nuggets of wisdom!

I’m Dr. Stephanie Manka (formerly Schuttler), a wildlife biologist of nearly 20 yrs with 20+ peer-reviewed scientific publications, author of the book Getting a Job in Wildlife Biology: What It’s Like and What You Need to Know ( and founder of Fancy Scientist. My channel and the Fancy Scientist LLC is dedicated to connecting people to science and nature, breaking stereotypes of, and empowering scientists. I help aspiring and struggling wildlife biologists get the right training so they can get jobs, live out their life’s purpose and make a difference in this world.

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