Money Mindset in Conservation and Your Career

Episode 82
44m | Mar 14, 2022

On this week's podcast, I talk about a hot button issue and one you probably wouldn't expect from a wildlife biology and conservation based podcast: money. I always knew I wouldn't make a lot of money in my career, but was surprised at how low the salary levels were for the jobs I qualified for. 

And lately there's been a lot of talk about things like unpaid internships and volunteering in our career and that young professionals shouldn't take them and organizations shouldn't offer them. As someone who has worked for an institution and has mentored over a dozen students - only one of which was paid, this is not realistically an option and I have a lot of doubt that it will increase inclusion and diversity.

I was nervous recording this episode because I'm going to say some things that I'm sure a lot of people won't agree with. But I am all about empowering you. An empowering question to ask yourself is "what can I do?" The goal of this podcast is not necessarily to debate the above topics, but to reframe your thinking and ultimately your belief system, so that it works in favor for you to advance to where you want to be in this current career climate.

I've personally been working on my money mindset for years now and I've learned a lot from the entrepreneurial world about how our beliefs limit us. Today, I invite you to think of things differently - or at least be open to it. I compare wildlife careers to other fields, talk about volunteering and unpaid internships from the perspective of an employer, and give you examples of people from other careers in bad money situations who were able to make it happen for them. 

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