Finding Your Identity in Wildlife Work

52m | Dec 21, 2022

When I give advice to young wildlife professionals or those aspiring to go into this career, I always tell them to reverse engineer it. To “start with the end in mind,” (a quote from Stephen Covey), but what if you don’t know what the end looks like?

Or what happens if you thought you wanted something and you went after it, but then you realized maybe you want something else. And if you decide to pursue that other thing, what does that mean about you?

How do you know who you really are and what you really want? If you are on the right track? 

I have some free tools to help you – I have the Job Tracker, but you may still be confused on what want or what the end looks like. I’ve talked to SO many students who are interested in multiple options and directions and don’t know how to choose. And who are we really when it comes to our careers?

These are some big questions that I am going to explore today. Really finding out who you are and what you really want, how to know if you’re on the right track, and maybe this episode will give you some permission to really go after what you.

If this is the first episode you’ve ever watched or listened to, this one is going to be a little bit different. It’s an episode that is definitely relevant for those who are interested in wildlife careers, but if you are not, there are still many lessons that will help you.

It’s a very personal episode for me as I have gone through a lot of major professional and life changes this year. I’m experiencing a reset in many areas of my life and these are some of the questions that I have really been thinking about lately. Who am I professionally? What do I want?

What does it mean about me if I change what I decide to go after? This podcast will definitely give you some perspective. It will give you lots of unconventional advice, but it’s great advice. This is an episode all about figuring out who you really are and giving you permission to go after what it really is that you want.

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