The Broken System - Season 2 - Episode 11: Music City 911 - Brandon Hall

Season 2 | Episode 11
39m | Jan 11, 2024

In this week's emotionally charged episode of The Broken System Podcast, we are joined by special guest Brandon Hall, host of Music City 911, as we delve into the heart-wrenching story of Donald "DJ" Fickey. Together, we navigate the details surrounding DJ's tragic death and shed light on the circumstances that led to this devastating event.

Brandon brings his unique perspective as a fellow podcaster, offering insights into the impact that these kinds of stories have on communities and individuals alike. The conversation goes beyond the surface, exploring the broader implications of DJ's passing within the context of the broken systems that may have played a role.

As we discuss the life and legacy of DJ Fickey, we strive to honor his memory by raising awareness about the challenges faced within our society. Join us on this poignant journey as we reflect on the consequences of a system in need of repair and discuss the crucial conversations that must follow in its wake.

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