The Broken System - Season 2 - Episode 3: The Case of Temujin Kensu - Part 1

Season 2 | Episode 3
36m | Sep 14, 2023

Have you ever heard a story that made you question the justice system? This week on the Broken System podcast, we put a spotlight on the chilling tale of Temujin Kensu, a man held captive behind bars for three and a half decades for a crime many believe he did not commit. We dissect the dubious investigation that led to his conviction, the shaky evidence, and the suffering of the victim still seeking justice. As we navigate through these murky waters, we aim to shine a light on the flaws in the system that led to this tragic case.

As we dive deeper into Temujin Kensu's life, we encounter a troubling past marked by his mother's physical and emotional abuse, a history that would shape his future in unimaginable ways. His adoption of martial arts and Eastern religious beliefs, his escalating confrontations with his mother, and his ongoing struggle to defend himself paints a vivid picture of the trials he faced. We unravel the questionable tactics of his attorney and challenge the flawed police narrative that led to his wrongful conviction. 

Finally, we spin the wheels back to the seminal decade of the 80s to explore its influence on trials like Temujin's. The era was riddled with controversies like recovered memories, satanic panic, and biases against Eastern cultures, all of which left an indelible mark on Temujin's case. This exploration acts as a mirror to our own times, questioning how far we've truly come, and propelling us to strive for a more equitable legal system. Tune in for a hard-hitting examination of a story that exposes the fractures in our justice system and our enduring mission to repair them.

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