The Broken System - Season 2 - Episode 13: Interview W/ Dana Poll Host of TrueCrime PI

Season 2 | Episode 13
1h 2m | Jan 22, 2024

Join hosts Robert and Lexi on this week's episode of The Broken System Podcast as they delve into the world of true crime investigation and missing persons advocacy. In an exclusive interview, they sit down with Dana Poll, the host of TrueCrime PI and a passionate advocate for the missing and unidentified. Together, they explore the challenges, triumphs, and heart-wrenching stories behind Dana's work in unraveling mysteries.

Discover the motivation behind TrueCrime PI and how Dana Poll's relentless pursuit of the truth has made a significant impact on the lives of those affected by crime and the families searching for their loved ones. From the intricacies of investigative work to the emotional toll it takes, this episode provides listeners with a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of true crime podcasting and advocacy.

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that sheds light on the broken aspects of our current systems when it comes to missing persons cases and unidentified individuals. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of advocacy and the role each of us can play in making a difference. Don't miss this compelling episode as The Broken System Podcast continues to bring awareness to the issues that demand our attention and action.

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