The Broken System - Season 2 - Episode 5: The Case of Temujin Kensu - Part 2

Season 2 | Episode 5
54m | Oct 10, 2023

Does justice always prevail? We challenge this notion as we unpack the complex and controversial case of Temujin Kensu. We dissect the numerous irregularities and discrepancies that marred the trial, from the conspicuous absence of physical evidence to questionable eyewitness testimony. Just how did a faulty photo lineup and a dubious jailhouse informant contribute to Temujin Kensu's conviction?

We then grapple with the shocking conflicts of interest tied to Temujin Kensu's legal representation. Unearth the harrowing truth about David Dean, Temujin Kensu's lawyer, who was later disgraced and disbarred for professional misconduct. Discover how Dean's compromised ethical standing and subsequent negligence left Temujin Kensu defenseless, further tainting the already questionable trial proceedings.

Finally, stand with us as we vigorously advocate for Temujin Kensu's release. Feel the frustration as we shed light on the prosecution's misleading tactics and lack of thorough investigation into other plausible suspects. Hear our call to action for listeners everywhere to join us in urging Governor Whitmer to rectify this terrible miscarriage of justice. Engross yourself in this riveting journey through a broken justice system and get inspired to enact change.

Please enact change by reaching out to Gov Whitmer Daily at

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