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Gin & Jandals

The global Gin renaissance (Ginassance?) has been just as popular in New Zealand as it has elsewhere. With 100s of locally made Gin's the Gin and Jandals podcast tries each and everyone of them and provides honest feed back from a couple of Gin drinking, Jandal wearing, kiwi blokes.


Dancing Sands Sauvignon Blanc Gin
Show Details29min 52s
Reid & Reid Native Gin
Show Details26min 8s
Gin Tasting Interviews
Show Details23min 45s
Black Collar Gin
Show Details20min 39s
Lighthouse Gin
Show Details24min 34s
The Source
Show Details25min 21s
White Sheep Co
Show Details23min 43s
Matakana Moonshine
Show Details21min 37s
Scapegrace Premium
Show Details22min 16s
Curiosity Gin
Show Details21min 36s