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Inside the Business of Beatmaking
Show Details44min 19s
Post Malone’s Agent Breaks Down Strategy Behind His Success
Show Details37min 9s
Inside Benny Pough’s Career in Hip-Hop
Show Details42min 6s
How Does the Music Business Compare To Film And TV?
Show Details41min 9s
Why Talib Kweli is Focused on his Fans
Show Details39min 10s
What Every Artist and Creator Needs to Know Before Signing Contracts
Show Details31min 59s
Improving The Artist-Fan Relationship
Show Details45min 24s
Sherrese Clarke Soares Explains Why Content Is Queen
Show Details43min 27s
How Drake and Beyoncé Drop New Music
Show Details36min 32s
Broken Record: Missy Elliott
Show Details55min 12s
Stem CEO Milana Lewis Wants To Get Artists Paid
Show Details35min 36s
Bay Area Hip-Hop with Rexx Life Raj
Show Details37min 44s
Why the Golden State Warriors Launched a Record Label
Show Details27min 29s
The iPod’s Legacy in the Music Industry with Zack O’Malley Greenburg
Show Details48min 18s
Comedian Bigg Jah Charters His Own Path Into Entertainment Industry
Show Details44min 35s
How indify’s Co-Founder prettyboyshav Is Flipping The Economics Of The Record Business
Show Details37min 36s
Young M.A and the $20 NFT
Show Details31min 31s
How Fanbase Raised $6 Million Without VC with Isaac Hayes III
Show Details42min 32s
The Future Of Music Business With Economist Will Page
Show Details56min 13s
Audiomack CMO Dave Ponte’s Plan to Grow the Pie for Artists
Show Details43min 16s
The Broccoli City Music Festival
Show Details46min 57s
Why Podcast Ownership Matters with Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of “For Colored Nerds”
Show Details51min 11s
How Kevin Liles Built 300 Entertainment Into A $400 Million Business In Under 10 Years
Show Details45min 33s
How Quality Control Music Invests in Startups
Show Details26min 6s
Frank Cooper III Brokered Beyonce-Pepsi’s $50 Million Deal. Here’s Where He Sees Industry Going Next
Show Details45min 48s
The Future Of Live Music with Kevin Shivers, Partner at WME
Show Details34min 10s
Bun B Believes The Metaverse Will Open Up Access Between Artists & Fans
Show Details52min 18s
How Tuma Basa is Bringing Black Music to the World with YouTube
Show Details44min 36s
How Junae Brown Became the ‘Beyoncé of Marketing’
Show Details54min 20s
BONUS: The New Creator Manifesto
Show Details55min 34s
How KevOnStage is Building His Comedy Flywheel
Show Details55min 59s
Troy Carter on the Future of Music Streaming
Show Details43min 22s
Ralph McDaniels on Video Music Box and Documenting Hip-Hop History
Show Details38min 28s
Master P on Bringing Culture to Corporate America (live from TMRE)
Show Details45min 1s
Issa Rae on Insecure, Ownership in Media, and Creator Economy Trends
Show Details29min 49s
Chris Taylor on MNRK's Rebrand, Managing Death Row Records Catalog, and Music's M&A Market
Show Details47min 50s
Charlie Kaplan on Audiomack Supporters, Artist-Fan Monetization, and Streaming Business Models
Show Details46min 52s
Tunde Balogun on Developing R&B Superstars, LVRN's Journey, and Mental Health in Music
Show Details48min 30s
Independent Artist Life with Flawless Real Talk (2020)
Show Details47min 5s
Steven Galanis on Cameo's Rise (2020)
Show Details43min 54s
Trapital Mailbag #5: Blockchain Opportunities in Music, Middle Class Musicians, Astroworld, Indie vs Major Record Labels, and more
Show Details37min 14s
Dave Mays on The Source's Legacy, Launching Breakbeat, and State of Hip-Hop Media
Show Details49min 50s
Sacha Jenkins on Rick James Life and Times, the Rise of Music Documentaries, and Hip Hop 50
Show Details35min 23s
Zack O'Malley Greenburg on How Music Leads Innovation, Forbes to Substack, and Hip-Hop's Next Billionaire
Show Details46min 20s
Mary Rahmani on TikTok Artist Strategies, Launching Moon Projects, and Influencer Partnerships
Show Details48min 1s
Mike Weissman on SoundCloud's Creator Strategy, Web 3.0, and Building a Music Entertainment Business
Show Details38min 27s
Steve Stoute on Artist Independence, UnitedMasters, Translation, and Facilitating Fan Access
Show Details42min 15s
Karl Fowlkes on Becoming an Entertainment Attorney, NBA Agent, and NIL Opportunities
Show Details38min 31s
DJ Semtex on Donda, Certified Lover Boy, Podcasting, and UK Hip-Hop
Show Details49min 3s
Rick Ross on Bossing Up, Building His Empire, WingStop, and his Investments
Show Details36min 33s
The OutKast Edge
Show Details29min 14s
A Campaign Breakdown on Tyler, The Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost” with Amber Horsburgh
Show Details39min 14s
24kGoldn on TikTok Success, Investments, and Record Label Deals
Show Details34min 36s
Mike G on Music Festivals, Touring, Young Thug, The Kid LAROI, and Chris Brown
Show Details40min 57s
Anthony Martini on Royalty Exchange, Music Royalties, NFTs, and Managing Lil Dicky and Tyga
Show Details46min 30s
Steve Rifkind on Loud Records, Spring Sound, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Family Business
Show Details40min 8s
Detavio Samuels on REVOLT, Digital and Cable Strategy, The Crew League, Black-owned Media, and Working with Diddy
Show Details44min 39s
Jamal Henderson on Space Jam, Structuring SpringHill, LeBron James, and the Creator Economy
Show Details35min 43s
Music Business Podcast: Trippie Redd's Manager Charlene Bryant on Hitting Billboard #1 and Launching Riveter Management
Show Details56min
MixedByAli on EngineEars, TDE's Legacy, and Mixing for Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre
Show Details39min 26s
Call Me Ace on his Indie Rap Career, Building His Brand, and Still Working Full-Time
Show Details44min 49s
Benjy Grinberg on Rostrum Records, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, and Mental Health
Show Details47min 11s
The Major Record Labels All Want Your Attention
Show Details14min 9s
Leron Rogers on Helping Artists Become Moguls, Entertainment Law, and Representing Rick Ross
Show Details41min 14s
Jonnyshipes on Cinematic Music Group, Indie Hip-Hop, and Building the Supreme for Music
Show Details43min 2s
Tarik Brooks, President of Combs Enterprises (2020)
Show Details44min 52s
Tracy Chan on Twitch Music, Helping Artists Monetize, and the Creator Economy
Show Details38min 46s
James Lindsay on Rap Snacks, BossUp Bank, Why Distribution Matters, and Managing Meek Mill
Show Details32min 1s
Trapital Mailbag! Hip-Hop’s Streaming Popularity, Rap Battle Leagues, Cancel Culture, Women Music Execs, and Record Labels
Show Details26min 56s
Brandon Pankey on Launching the APEX Video Network, Live Music’s Return, and Educating the Next Generation
Show Details50min 48s
Shawn Prez on Bad Boy, Black Rob, and PowerMoves Inc. (2020)
Show Details47min 15s
BrandMan Sean on Music Marketing, Common Mistakes Artists Make, and Working with 24KGoldn
Show Details39min 20s
The "Will and Jada" Playbook
Show Details19min 40s
Brian “Z” Zisook on DJBooth’s Run, Major Record Labels, Indie Artists, and Audiomack’s Partnerships
Show Details52min 11s
Dame Ritter on When “Ownership” Goes Too Far, Myths about Streaming and Touring, and Managing Comedians
Show Details46min 14s
Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad, Dreamville President (2020)
Show Details45min 49s
Micah Johnson on Selling $1M Worth of NFTs in 1 Minute, Transitioning from MLB to Fine Art, and Getting More Black Collectors Involved
Show Details36min 9s
Mick Batyske on How His DJ Career Led to Brand Deals, Angel Investing, and Startup Advising
Show Details46min 14s
Jay Z sells 50% of Ace of Spades, TikTok Artist’s Path to Success
Show Details17min 28s
Ted Lucas on Slip-N-Slide Records, Miami Hip-Hop, and R&B’s Comeback
Show Details44min 34s
J. Erving on Human Re-Sources, Sony Music's Acquisition, and How to Evaluate Talent
Show Details36min 41s
The Best Hip-Hop Album Rollouts of All-Time (with Ernest Wilkins)
Show Details52min 49s
Def Jam's Past, Present, and Future with Gary Suarez
Show Details59min 28s
Binta Brown on the State of the Music Industry, omalilly projects, and Black Music Action Coalition
Show Details44min 35s
Master P on Reebok, Ownership, Generational Wealth, and Lessons Learned from Reginald Lewis
Show Details47min 29s
Why Artists Are Selling Their Music Catalogs (with Karl Fowlkes)
Show Details50min 15s
Phylicia Fant on Developing Superstar Artists, Rising in the Music Industry, and Navigating 2020
Show Details50min 8s
Flawless Real Talk on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, Life as an Indie Artist, and Building His Fanbase
Show Details45min 6s
Daouda Leonard on CreateSafe, the Record Deal Simulator, and Empowering Artists to Manage Their Careers
Show Details44min 42s
Steven Galanis on Cameo’s Growing Marketplace and Closing the Gap Between Fame and Monetization
Show Details40min 41s
Dave Macli on Audiomack’s Role in Music Streaming, Partnership with DJBooth, and Global Expansion
Show Details42min 18s
Big Tech's Big Plans in the Music Industry with Cherie Hu
Show Details52min 9s
Alex "Al D" Damashek on a New Partnership With Twitch, Move Forward Music, and the Future of Live Music
Show Details41min 43s
Netflix's Black Content Strategy
Show Details13min 2s
The Best Hip-Hop Marketing Campaigns of All-Time with Marcus Collins
Show Details52min 21s
Jason Geter on Heavy Sound Labs, Launching Grand Hustle, Signing T.I. and Travis Scott, and Redefining the Modern Record Label
Show Details43min 43s
Donald Albright on Building a Podcast Network, Hip-Hop Marketing Tactics, and Tenderfoot TV’s Future
Show Details45min 54s
Hip-hop's Indie Economy
Show Details13min 11s
Tyler, The Creator's Cult-Like Following
Show Details12min 50s
Peter Bittenbender on Mass Appeal’s Rise, Holding Brand Partners Accountable, and International Expansion
Show Details39min 59s
Hip-Hop Challenger Brands with Ernest Wilkins
Show Details48min 22s
Roy Wood Jr. on How 2020 Changed Comedy, His Comedy Central Partnership, and Why Alabama Means So Much to Him
Show Details39min 11s
The Steve Jobs of Gap?
Show Details12min 56s
Hovain Hylton and Busy Rivera on Cinematic Music Group’s Rise, and Turning the Brand into a Lifestyle
Show Details37min 16s
Build Your Table
Show Details11min 46s
Hip-Hop's Role in the Fight for Justice
Show Details13min 9s
Trapital Mailbag #3: How Hip-Hop Makes Money in a Pandemic, Superproducers in the Streaming Era, What’s Next for Fortnite + Travis Scott, and more!
Show Details32min 2s
Tiffany Ballard on Music Business Law, Why Bad Deals Still Happen, How She Made Connections on Myspace, and Her Time on Reality TV
Show Details42min 35s
Zack O'Malley Greenburg (2019)
Show Details35min 44s
Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad on Building Dreamville, Managing J. Cole, the Dollar & a Dream Tour, and Starting the Dreamville Fest
Show Details46min 10s
Shawn Prez on the Bad Boy Street Team, Grassroots Marketing in Hip-Hop, and Starting the Global Spin Awards
Show Details48min 28s
Hannibal Buress on How Netflix Changed Comedy, His Investing Strategy, and Why Isola Fest is One of His Favorite Career Moments
Show Details45min
Mike Weissman - President, SoundCloud (2019)
Show Details36min 42s
Akin Aliu - Music Touring Agent, CAA (2019)
Show Details40min 55s
James Supreme - A&R at Universal Music Publishing Group (2019)
Show Details44min 20s
Trapital Mailbag #2! D-Smoke’s Potential, Lovers & Friends Fest, Jay Z the Wartime Leader, The Cost of Album Bundles, and Def Jam…oh Def Jam
Show Details30min 53s
Lynzie Riebling on Gen Hip Hop, Quantifying the Power of the Hip-Hop Audience, and REVOLT’s Role in the Culture
Show Details44min 20s
Karl Fowlkes on Music Business Law, Combat Jack’s Influence, and Why He Hopes There are Less Lawyers in 20 Years
Show Details46min 1s
Jesse Kirshbaum on Nue Agency's Brand Marketing, #CRWN Interview Series, and the Future of Award Shows
Show Details45min 49s
Tarik Brooks on Combs Enterprises, Diddy’s Investment Strategy, and Managing a Portfolio of Brands
Show Details45min 5s
Steve Stoute on UnitedMasters, Partnership with Apple Music, Ownership in Hip-Hop, and Why Brands Value Indie Artists 
Show Details31min 15s
Fantasy Record Labels? We’re Skeptical. (a Trapital - Water & Music Collaboration with Cherie Hu)
Show Details46min 55s
Milana Lewis on Stem’s Artist-First Strategy, How it Evolves in the Streaming Era, How the Company Makes Tough Decisions
Show Details47min 27s
Trapital Mailbag Special: Grammy Awards Woes, Young Rappers Most Likely to Become Moguls, and Thoughts on a Rappers Union
Show Details31min 47s
Why Netflix's 'Rhythm + Flow' Was a Hit
Show Details40min 12s
Mike Weissman on SoundCloud’s Creator Strategy, How it Compares to a Startup Accelerator, and What it Means to be a SoundCloud Rapper
Show Details36min 23s
Shea Serrano on the Economics of Book Publishing, ‘Movies (and Other Things),’ and How DJ Screw Inspired his Promotional Tactics
Show Details49min 9s
DJ Semtex on UK Hip-Hop’s Moment, Stormzy and Skepta Becoming Stars, Brexit’s Impact on the Culture, and Why Radio Still Matters
Show Details47min 44s
Akin Aliu on Life as a CAA Agent, Representing Ciara, and the “Rich Paul Rule”
Show Details40min 55s
James Supreme on Being the A&R Behind Lil’ Nas X “Panini”, G-Eazy's Management Team, and why Mental Health Matters in the Industry
Show Details44min 20s
Dame Ritter on Kanye West’s Sunday Services, Launching Music Entrepreneur Club, and How He Almost Signed Russ to a Deal
Show Details45min 26s
Zack O’Malley Greenburg on the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash List, the Controversy it Causes, and What it Took to Declare that Jay Z is a Billionaire
Show Details35min 44s
50 Cent is a Habitual Line Stepper
Show Details42min 3s
Moody Jones on marketing for Snoop Dogg, EMPIRE’s digital strategy, and why he wants to work with Childish Gambino
Show Details39min 53s
RapCaviar's Big Advantage
Show Details9min 37s
Roc Nation's Wild Year
Show Details9min 14s
The Hip-Hop Partnership Flywheel
Show Details9min 57s
No Tour, No Problem for Cardi B
Show Details9min
Mathew Knowles on Beyoncé's Streaming Strategy, Solange's Marketing, and Dinner with Jay Z or $50,000
Show Details39min 32s