80. Liberation Defined

20m | Apr 1, 2022

Liberation Defined

I guess it all depends on how you define what it is to be liberated. Some on the extreme might even say that not identifying with self is liberating because then you are no longer responsible for what you do. Others might say meaninglessness is liberating because then you don't need to search for meaning anymore. I say liberation is when nothing external can affect you negatively, when you have full freedom to be who you are, wherever you are, and no matter how toxic the people in your environment are.

It's like being on a stage where the entire audience hates you, but you can just smile at them blissfully, while sending them love. That is liberation to me.

Personally, I don't feel drawn to worship, but it is a valid path, going all the way back to Bakti Yoga . By worshipping your ideals, you can become closer with your ideals, especially if you don't imagine a huge difference between you and the object of worship, i.e. allowing deep intimacy with your ideal, instead of reaffirming how great God is and how low and obscure you are. Instead, the belief should allow God to embrace you and lift you up and share in the Glory.

When you get to the exalted place via Bakti, ironically it becomes less about worship because you are intoxicated all the time in the energy. You are just being in the moment and accepting the Grace and wondrousness of it all, continuously. This also is how fanaticism is born, because they become even more fervent in their belief in scripture because of their perceived results, not realizing that there is a common thread leading to that experience that is beyond scripture and book knowledge.

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