71. The Ultimate Justification to be Powerful

20m | Mar 20, 2022

The next version of psychotherapy is applied philosophy. By changing how you think and your concept of reality, it is possible to cure psychosis. However, for this step to occur, a certain baseline of independence is required.

Mass psychosis is a form of mass ideological possession, which in turn can just be a code word for an external entity/entities being in possession of vast swaths of the human population. The truth is stranger than fiction.

Liberation can only be achieved under the auspices of Independence. If you are possessed and do not have independent control over your own faculties, you are not capable of independently choosing to be independent. In other words, one cannot choose to be free, if the pathways in their mind do not allow them to make that choice. It is a bit of a paradox. So if one were to endeavour to liberate such people, force is required. We must be careful to not misinterpret the concept of force in this scenario.

So what Force then are we referring to? It is a non-violent use of force. It is merely for the mass exorcism of collectivist ideology. It is about pushing out an external conscious entity or entities on a mass scale. Such a feat requires power. Thus, the irrefutable conclusion is that accumulation of immense power is justified. And when the use of such power is wielded, it has the purest intent.

It is the will of higher Nature to bestow such awesome power to liberated individuals, to allow them to forceably exorcize the ideologically possessed, and in so doing bring them to a place whereby they can consciously choose to be free. What we are talking about here is a the ultimate justification to be as powerful as you can be.

This is the ultimate form of altruism.

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