79. The Ultimate Unity is Individuality

20m | Mar 31, 2022

It is a false perception of self that can be a failure, not Self itself. People who demean the concept of self just fail to understand it.

The Ultimate individual is the Absolute, which is a singularity. Although it is One, it pervades all things. The same is true in the microcosm of being human. Through your individuality, you also can have the experience of pervading all. Being an individual is not a limitation but the Ultimate unity.

Being human is like being thrown into a realistic VR experience and you think what you are seeing is real to such a degree that you forget your deeper identity.

Many people intuitively feel that the limited idea of who they are is wrong. Some of those people then assume that individuality itself is wrong.

It's is not individuality that is wrong, but your misconception of self.

Everything is set up to be a paradise. The only missing ingredient is that people don't see the paradise that is here already.

Instead what is amplified is war and viruses and violence

The Absolute is you, the Ultimate version of You.

In fact, for the Absolute to exist, it must be the truest version of you.

How is it possible that the Absolute can be One and yet it is also the truest version of everyone? You might ask.

That is an excellent question. The Absolute is so awesome and expansive that no mind is large enough or powerful enough to contain it all. Thus, to have some semblance of manifestation into physical reality, different aspects and portions of This are diversified through every human. The purpose of this is not to make a carbon copy of the Absolute and make everyone the same, this would be impossible. Instead, it expresses itself through the uniqueness of each individual which gives unlimited potential to aspire towards. The more awesome you become, the closer to the Absolute you become in power, capabilities, intelligence, fortitude and wisdom, among others.

It is what puts limitlessness into the concept of potential, regardless of species.

So how is individuality the Ultimate unity? Unlike collective consciousness or groupthink, which are fraught with limitation (collective consciousness cannot bestow enlightenment), only via the Absolute can you truly be One with the universe and the spark of the infinite that connects all of us. But instead of conformity to an ideology, it brings True liberation. The collective consciousness may be vast but only the Absolute is free from limitation entirely. 

Why is it unity? Because it is One. It is complete consummation with the best of everything that IS.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha