87. The Spirituality of Defiance

21m | May 7, 2022

The Spirituality of Defiance

Potentiate your potential. Be maximal.

Defiance is a path. Be resolute.

The Truth is defiant.

"Potentiate your potential" - this means that your potential is greater than you can conceive of. No one can fully know your potential, including you. Any idea that you or anyone has about you will always be less than the True you, which is your unrealized potential.

"Be Maximal" - This means being receptive to experience a fluidly maximum perception of your deeper identity.

Losers surrender. Champions never give up.

I consider that only your inauthenticity can be unraveled.

Life should be a personalized experience not an impersonal one. It's like the difference between a custom suit and JC Penney.

Your life is tailored to you and it is not a life mass produced on the factory floor.

All Truth defies conformity, defies change and defies oppression.

It's the part of us that isn't Truth that can change.

Absolute Truth doesn't surrender. If Absolute Truth exists within your microcosm, your soul, the Truth of you cannot surrender to Truth. It is impossible.

To be able to surrender is to identify with a lesser version of You.

The only part that can be surrendered is a misconception of who you are.

Who is that authority that says the other will is greater ?

Seeing yourself as a victim is not seeing yourself as a master.

I'm a shepherd who wants the sheep to become shepherds.

The ultimate challenge of Enlightenment to me is finding the deeper You that nothing can unsettle.

"Defiance is a path." This means to be stubborn about being Whole and to defy anything external that tries to convince you otherwise. Let nothing drag you down. Be defiant against any external attempts at this. Refuse to be a victim or to have the victim mentality. Even the gods respect strength and any god that demands your surrender or subservience is not a god worthy of such. The Truth is that the Absolute does not want anyone's surrender and you can be stronger than any god while never surrendering.

No retreat, no surrender.

Full enlightenment and empowerment can occur by simply advancing defiantly in symbiosis with the Absolute.

I created this path of Defiance just to prove that enlightenment doesn't require surrender or conformity.

Defiance itself is spiritual, or, at least, can be, in proper context.

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