85. There is no external Authority

20m | Apr 16, 2022

The world is about the outside in. Masters are about the inside out 

In physical, reality is never as good as the fantasy. In spirituality, the fantasy is never as good as the Reality.

The important thing that people don't realize is that there is no external Authority.

There is only an internal Authority that you are either aware of or that you are not.

Yes, there is an Absolute version of what is sacred.

God Is so magnificent that you don't need to look outside to find It.

People look for it all over the place but actually the one place most important to find It is within yourself.

All evil among humans is merely a disconnection from your inner Authority.

This is why people feel inspired to close their eyes to fully appreciate the natural beauty around them, when they find an idyllic spot in nature. It reminds them of the beauty that exists within.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha