Twenty Five Twenty One [Korean drama Eps 1-4]: Theories about the ending, Nostalgia, What was the IMF crisis? & Why does Hee Do love Full House so much?

Episode 2
43m | Feb 28, 2022

The year is 1998, fall in love with fencing (and the cute guy who works at your local comic book store)... This week we're talking about charming nostalgia drama Twenty Five Twenty One, a series that looks at staying strong in the face of hard times. It's not only a drama with a strong spirited character and a cute impending romance, but also one where everyone is wondering what the future holds for the main character.

In this episode, let's chat about:

1. The fun plot and all the fan theories about what happened between Hee Do and Yi Jin and whether they had a daughter together.

2. The popularity of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri. We look at their past roles as well as their characters Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do in Twenty Five, Twenty One. We also chat about the 3 main side characters as well.

3. Why nostalgia dramas are so popular. We look at the main reasons why nostalgia dramas are so well loved and talk about some of the main technology and fashion throwbacks to 1998.

4. What caused the IMF crisis? I explain the IMF crisis and relate it to events in the drama such as why Hee Do's mum sells her gold and why Yi Jin's family are being chased by creditors

5. The meaning of Full House to this drama. We look at why Hee Do and the girls love the manhwa comic Full House and why this series was included in the drama.

Full House English books:

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Full House Volume 3

Full House Volume 4

Full House Volume 5

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