Twenty Five Twenty One [Korean drama Eps 5-8]: Romance, Resilience, Reviewing the sports drama genre & Revealing filming locations

33m | Mar 10, 2022

The year is 1998 and you're starting to get a crush on the guy who's always there for you...But you're so jealous of all his ex-girlfriends! This week we're talking about Twenty Five Twenty One again! This drama is so beautiful in terms of the slow burn romances and so meaningful in terms the resilience we see being exercised in the face of adversity that we want to look more closely at all these themes and ideas.

In this episode, let's chat about:

1. Refreshing our memories on Episodes 5-8.

2. Romance. We look at the slow-burn development of the romance between Hee Do and Yi Jin. Although the two aren't in a romance yet, the show plays on the emotional elements of romance and uses cinematography and music to create certain romantic moods that emphasise the deep connection between the two main characters. We also talk about the romance between the second pair as well.

3. Resilience. Hee Do is such a determined character and has such a positive attitude that we could all learn something from her. We talk about the difference between Min Chae's fixed mindset and her mother, Hee Do's growth mindset. And we also talk about how Hee do's dad helped her to get grit, while everyone gave pressure and insecurity to Yu Rim.

4. Reviewing the sports drama genre. Sports dramas were not my favourite growing up and I was always confused about who they were made for. We talk about why they're worth watching and the main themes or ideas of sports dramas.

5. Revealing drama locations. I reveal a number of filming locations we've found for Twenty Five Twenty One including places like Hee Do's and Yi Jin's houses! Make a list of places to visit on your new Korean holiday.

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Filming Locations mentioned:

-Hee Do's house as well as street Yi Jin cycles on

-Comic Book store where Yi Jin works

-Tunnel where Hee do and Yi Jin run to after playing with the taps

-Restaurant where Hee Do celebrate with her coach

-Yi Jin's house

-Park where Hee do and Yu Rim are meant to meet as chat room friends

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