COSTA MESA NOW features conversations with the Costa Mesa Mayor and guest City Council Members focusing on the issues, policies and people that make Costa Mesa the crown jewel of Orange County, California. 

The Costa Mesa City Council is comprised of one directly-elected Mayor and six City Council Members elected by district. Each episode, the Mayor and rotating guest Council Members will focus on news and highlights from the featured representative’s district. 

Lively conversations on the podcast may include interviews with city officials, community volunteers, residents and members of the business community who will discuss various happenings in and around the city, all with the goal of informing viewers about important topics that impact the Costa Mesa community.


COSTA MESA NOW Episode 4 - Education (Part 2)
Show Details50min 35s
COSTA MESA NOW Episode 4 - Education (Part 1)
Show Details41min 12s
COSTA MESA NOW Episode 3 - Costa Mesa Cuisine
Show Details1hr 3min
COSTA MESA NOW Episode 2 - Public Safety
Show Details1hr 5min
COSTA MESA NOW Episode 1 - Veterans Affairs
Show Details59min 50s
COSTA MESA NOW - Introduction
Show Details55s