How the Charter Cities Institute Promotes Inclusive and Adaptable Planning for Sustainable New Cities | Heba Elhanafy

Season 1 | Episode 21
43m | May 29, 2023

Join me in this captivating episode of the podcast as I have an insightful conversation with Heba Elhanafy, an urban researcher from the Charter Cities Institute (CCI) Zambia. Together, we explore the fascinating world of charter city development and dive deep into the Planning Guidelines Report titled "Guided Organic Growth: An urban planning framework for charter cities." 

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • What are charter cities and why promoting good governance is at the heart of making them work
  • The benefits of taking an incremental approach to infrastructure development for more affordability and efficiency 
  • The importance of adapting urban policies and plans to the evolving needs of citizens
  • And much more!

Guest: Heba Elhanafy, Charter Cities Institute (CCI) Zambia


This episode is co-sponsored by the University of Toronto School of Cities and the Department of Geography and Planning. 

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