How the Bicycle Mayor of Toronto is Making Toronto's Streets Safer for All | Lanrick Bennett Jr., Joycelyn Guan & Erin

Season 1 | Episode 23
1h 9m | Dec 21, 2023

Join me, along with my co-hosts Joycelyn and Erin, as we dive into an insightful conversation with Lanrick Bennett Jr., Toronto's Bicycle Mayor, and the Executive Director of Charlie's FreeWheels. We explore his tenure as a bike mayor and the expansive network of BYCS-appointed mayors, stretching from India to Uganda and beyond.

In this episode, we discuss crucial topics such as Vision Zero and efforts to reduce vehicular-related fatalities in Toronto. We delve into designing inclusive cycling infrastructure and offer advice for those looking to cycle in the city and who want to get involved in making their streets safer for all.

Key insights from the episode include:

  • Understanding the significance of inclusive cycling infrastructure
  • Exploring how Shaw St has evolved into Toronto's cycling haven
  • The importance of political will in creating safer streets
  • Ways to actively contribute to advocating for safer streets in your community
  • Insights from international transit advocates on Toronto's cycling infrastructure
  • What it takes to ensure safer streets for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers alike
  • The global network of Bicycle Mayors and their impact on urban development
  • And much more

Guest: Lanrick Bennett Jr., Bicycle Mayor of Toronto & Executive Director of Charlie’s FreeWheels

Co-Hosts: Joycelyn Guan and Erin


This episode is co-sponsored by the University of Toronto School of Cities and the Department of Geography and Planning. 

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