How Ushahidi is Using Crowdsourcing to Help Community Disaster Response and Recovery | Angela Oduor Lungati

Season 1 | Episode 20
35m | Mar 28, 2023

In this episode, I chat with Angela Oduor Lungati, the CEO of Ushahidi. Ushahdi is a mobile platform dubbed “Africa’s Gift to Silicon Valley” by the New York Times. Born out of a crisis, the open-source software enables virtually anyone with a cellphone or internet connection to efficiently crowd-source information, map it and share it with those the most in need and guide those who can provide aid. Ushahidi is a powerful planning and decision-making tool for communities and cities in the midst of an emergency and has been used by groups worldwide to track everything from COVID-19 recovery to police brutality and everything in between. 

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • how Ushahidi has been leveraged by communities and governments worldwide, 
  • how to keep communities at the center of innovation, 
  • and much more!

Guest: Angela Oduor Lungati, CEO of Ushahidi


This episode is co-sponsored by the University of Toronto School of Cities and the Department of Geography and Planning. 

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