Quorum — The Harbor Pilot’s Tale

Season 2 | Episode 12
29m | Jan 20, 2023

Basel, August 2012. Near-to-retirement Swiss harbor pilot Klaus Brunner is nearly home after a long day’s work when he is called back to direct an unexpected late-night cargo ship departure. But what seems a routine if inconvenient assignment changes dramatically when he discovers the true nature of the cargo they're carrying — and must take drastic action if he hopes to escape with his life.

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested

Contains one use of “damn,” a few instances of “hell,” some “my God” exclamations (in English, German, and French), some fairly rude culture-specific slang, as well as a couple of instance of foreign-language saltiness. Plus assorted forms of sometimes-lethal violence (as well as implied and explicit threats thereof), gunshots, explosions, video game addiction, and cold calculations that adversely affect human lives.

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