The Gambler’s Tale: “All That Glitters,” Part 3 of 10

Season 2 | Episode 4
29m | Nov 5, 2021

July 2012. After finally joining in on the most exclusive private poker game in Los Angeles — a goal for which he may have ulterior motives — Jimmy Harmon works to help his former girlfriend Robin unearth the sinister forces that may be killing her coworkers… without rendering her their next victim. In the meantime, he takes on a mysterious assignment from venture capitalist Anton Kreitzer, once again encountering the brash hustler Ken Ford and the enigmatic yet alluring Eleanor Wallis.

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested

Contains semi-adult language (several instances of “hell” and “damn” and variations thereof, “asshat,” JC’s name in vain, and “screw” in a non-explicit context), drinking of alcoholic beverages, gambling (poker and horse betting), discussion of breaking and entering, malicious threatening by pistol, and even more inscrutable Cockney dialect.

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