Jason Hubbard : One Hundred Year Prayer Meeting, Keys from the Moravians

Season 1 | Episode 18
42m | Oct 12, 2022

What would 100 years of prayer and worship look like? How would it impact the people in it and the people that were touched by it? Over 300 hundred years ago, in Herrnhut Germany, a prayer meeting started and didn’t end until 100 years later! Are there tangible things we can take from what they encountered and experienced?

Matthew Lilley talks with Jason Hubbard about the stories of revival and how it impacted the world around them. Matthew and Jason were in Herrnhut this past Spring celebrating the 300 year anniversary. You will be encouraged and strengthened as you enjoy this episode of The Jesus Movement Podcast. 

 Jason is the Campus Pastor and Adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University and executive director of Light of the World Prayer Center. Jason worked as the Associate Pastor of Prayer and Bible at Christ the King Church (3500 members) in Bellingham, WA for 10 years (2000-2010). He completed his Doctorate in Discipleship in 2013 at Talbot Seminary.

  You can learn about their prayer strategy and some of the amazing testimonies of transformation in a short 12-minute video: The Whatcom Story: Waves of Glory.

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