Jason Hershey:The Tabernacle, Tents and the Stirrings of the Spirit

Season 1 | Episode 15
36m | Aug 31, 2022

Could we experience life, liberty, and justice without ever really encountering the presence of God? Colossians 1 tells us Jesus holds all things together and IN Him ALL things are held together. Matthew Lilley sits down in this episode with Jason Hershey, founder of David’s Tent DC. Jason talks about the intentionality of tents, the importance of a tabernacle lifestyle, and the impact it can have on the nation around us. Sit back and enjoy Jason and Matthew’s conversation focused around the presence of God and a hope for our future, Jesus. 

Jason Hershey is a the founder of David's Tent in Washington, DC. Since 2015, David’s Tent DC stands as a unified, national platform — on the National Mall — for believers from every denomination, age, and background to come together to worship Jesus. No political agendas. No performances. Nothing but exalting King Jesus.

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