Tent America Testimonies : Healing, Baptisms and Salvations from the Tents

Season 1 | Episode 18
29m | Oct 26, 2022

What if prayer and worship was being lifted up 365 days a year in every state in our nation? What would happen if we set our eyes on the Lord and carried the presence to the streets through you and I like a silver bullet shooting forth through the nation?

In recent years we have seen hundreds of tents hosting God’s presence across our nation as the body of Christ comes together in cities to enthrone God upon their praises.vParks, college campuses, parking lots and street corners are flooded with the glory of God.

Hear the stories from Tami Brown, Luke Long, and Lauren Lienhard of how the Lord moved in the most incredible and tangible ways. Healings, baptisms, salvations are a few of the victories as well as a sweet gift of unity in each city where the tents were hosted. You will be stirred and encouraged.


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