Michael Thornton on Digging Wells of Revival in Cities and Regions

Season 1 | Episode 21
44m | Dec 7, 2022

How can we truly see historic spiritual revival in our cities? Perhaps there's a well of awakening underneath your feet that the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you that will unlock an unprecedented move of God. Perhaps what God has done in the past is a key to unlock what He is going to do in the future!

On today's episode, Matthew Lilley discusses the idea of "wells of revival" with Dr. Michael Thornton, an author of multiple books and the director of Garden College in Greenville, SC. Mike shares some of his own journey - with powerful stories of what he has seen happen when he taps into revival history in regions through research, prayer and following the Holy Spirit.

Along with testimonies, Mike also shares incredible insights from the Scripture, providing a biblical foundation for pursuing revival in your own life, church and city.



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