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The Next Pillar

Each week Portland music journalist/entrepreneur Blake Hickman hosts "The Next Pillar", an erudite discussion on the latest goings-on in All Elite Wrestling. A wrestling podcast for people who don't want to listen to something that sounds like a wrestling podcast—"The Next Pillar" is your alternative to the cynical and sophomoric discourse that dominates mainstream wrestling news. 


The Next Pillar #15: The Curse of Cody Rhodes, A Song for Tony Khan, An Ode to Darby Allin
Show Details30min 8s
The Next Pillar #14: The Short Episode & Hangman Is NOT the Turkey
Show Details38min 44s
The Next Pillar #13: The Negative Episode
Show Details55min 38s
The Next Pillar #12: Why Cody Rhodes' WWE success is great news for AEW, Bad Take Confessional, and Listener Mail!
Show Details1hr 5min
The Next Pillar #11: The Golden Guys (Of Violence), Dynamite Preview & AEW Creative Direction (or lack thereof)
Show Details1hr 1min
The Next Pillar #10: Mo Troper, Listener Mail, Why the Hardyz Matter & More
Show Details1hr 46min
The Next Pillar #9: Revolution thoughts, listener mail & CM Punk's tears
Show Details1hr 21min
The Next Pillar #8: A Children's Story, Listener Mail, The Brilliance of MJF/Punk, Words of Wisdom for Keith Lee & Revolution Preview
Show Details1hr 16min
The Next Pillar #7: NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY, Disappointment w/ David Shoemaker & LISTENER MAIL
Show Details49min 4s
The Next Pillar #6: Cody Rhodes, Departures: Cody Surrenders to The Borg & Listener Mail
Show Details58min 1s
The Next Pillar #5: Ricky Starks love & Shane McMahon?!?!?!
Show Details39min 52s
The Next Pillar #4: CM Punk, Listener Mail & more!
Show Details33min 7s
The Next Pillar #3: Beach Break preview, The Book of Cody Rhodes & more
Show Details36min 19s
The Next Pillar #2: AEW Dynamite Preview & Cody Rhodes Free Agent?
Show Details36min 43s
The Next Pillar: Introduction
Show Details20min 26s