Content Marketing & Personal Branding with Maeva Cifuentes

Episode 69
41m | Aug 20, 2020

Maeva is the founder of a content marketing agency that focuses on creating user-focused and SEO-driven content. They get to know target customers and their real pain points instead of guessing based on a marketer's hunch. With empathy and educational content, they help businesses become a trusted authority in their niche.

Episode highlights:

  • Cultural exposure is important! If you can, visit another country or learn another language. It will change the way you see the world. 
  • With PPC ads, you have to pay to get traffic. With content, you don’t. 
  • Talk to your customer support and sales departments! They talk to the customer every day and can tell you what pain points they have. Then, create content to solve their problems. 
  • Content isn’t about promoting your products. Instead, it’s about solving problems.
  • If you do content marketing correctly, it’s not guesswork.
  • Good marketing and good sales go hand in hand. If you provide value then sales will be easy.
  • Start a podcast! A podcast is an amazing tool that provides so many benefits. It lets you network with people, and it creates incredible content. 
  • Create systems in your business and document these systems. This will help you outsource and get help.
  • The value of creating a personal brand. Build relationships! 


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