9: Costa Rica - Containment & COVID

Season 1 | Episode 9
31m | Sep 20, 2020

This episode focuses on how Costa Rica, despite still being a third world country in Latin America, has been able to successfully keep their numbers of positive COVID-19 tests relatively low. In order to gain more insight into what Costa Rica is doing to contain this virus, we spoke to Dr. Eduardo Alberto Zuniga Delgado, a clinical chemical microbiologist, so he could explain to us the rules and guidelines that must be followed in the country in order to adjust to this new reality we’re all living through. He also touches on what Costa Rica is doing that other Latin American countries aren’t doing, which could hinder their success in containing this virus. At the end of this episode, we briefly talked to Yorleni Moreno, an administrator of a hotel lodge in Costa Rica, about what the country is doing to contain this virus while also providing their students with an education.

Host: Melissa Navarro


Eduardo Zuniga: Clinical chemical microbiologist

Yorleni Moreno: Administrator near the southern border

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