7: Zambia - Migration & COVID

Season 1 | Episode 7
17m | Sep 20, 2020

This episode focuses on the impact of COVID on the livelihoods of Informal traders moving through Zambia’s landlocked borders. A significant portion of Zambia’s population works predominantly as informal traders, frequently crossing borders to buy goods abroad and provide for their markets in Zambia. The pandemic brought change to this centuries old practice by forcing the government to close down the most frequented border crossing; the Nakonde border, as a result of a spike in COVID cases. The impact of the days of closure will likely be felt for years to come particularly for the small - scale traders. Our guest, Ms. Purity Kutale, a precious metal minor and trader will provide in-depth explanations of what the informal traders are, who they are composed of, the impact of the pandemic and border closures, as well as many other topics. 

Host: Diana Muteba


Purity Kutale: Miner and Trader

Kenniece Coker: Student at the University of Connecticut Storrs, CT.

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