SE01 Ep3 - Education and Young Boys (Part I) with Emmanuel Awoyelu

Season 1 | Episode 3
28m | Apr 29, 2022

Overall, boys underperform in their GSCEs and A-Level results in the UK. Is it nature or nurture?

Emmanuel Awoyelu (Manny) and Lau explore the importance of male role models for young boys and representation behind the teaching desk for boys' school attainment. We also talk about the views some boys have about masculinity and why this matters, particularly when it comes to how boys relate to the opposite sex.

The link to the blog post mentioned in the episode: Three things stood out in ‘Nowhere special’ about manhood 

Emmanuel is an Assistant Headteacher and Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo), and Director of the Reach Out Project - a mentoring programme for young boys disengaged from school.

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